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Learn your Feminine Archetype

36 Feminine Archetypes for living your true nature.

Each reflects different qualities 

of the feminine psyche, physicality, and presence.

Which one are you? Read on...

There are different aspects to your image and nature

- your TRUE SELF, your FALSE SHELF and your SHADOW SELF.

Often women gravitate towards the false self and take on an identity that's influenced and shaped by the external, reinforced by a distorted idea of themselves, often motivated by an ideal. In short, they take on a role promoted by a stereotype.


Many are unconscious of this perception of self and even believe that 'this is just the way it is'. 


What most don't consider is their feminine nature. Besides the relationship to self, there's a deeper more divine relationship with the feminine. This relationship sets in place your original image and design, your ground-state, who you were always intended to be. And learning this original image allows you to clarify you to best express who you are, how to fit in, and how to fulfill your role in your life.

Image Type Consult

The authentic self is the soul made visible
- Sarah Ban Breathnach
THE FEMININE - The Maiden, Matriarch and Seer

Archetypes are powerful and important tools for understanding the self and are an original pattern or image with particular traits and symbolism.  There are three key feminine archetype - the maiden, matriarch and the seer. These express different qualities of feminine energy and women find they feel a pull more strongly towards one of these archetypes.


The 36 Image Types are divided into these three feminine groups - 12 maidens, 12 matriarchs and 12 seers. Each feminine group includes a variety of personality, physical traits and energy. 


There are three core qualities to the true image - your psychology, your physicality and your presence. 

  • Psychology - personality, how you respond to others and interact with the world

  • Physicality - body architecture, color signature, distinct traits, heritage


  • Presence - vibe, energy, how you feel to others and the impression you make


Feel secure, comfortable and happy in your own skin

Connect to who you were before the world told you who to be

Realize your path is already laid out for you and you can start living at any moment

Be authentically and unapologetically you

Be confident of who you are at your deepest core

Understand where you fit in

  • Coaches or consultants

  • Entrepreneurs & Executives

  • Small Business Owners 

  • Full-Time Mom-agers

  • Influencers

Why we can't figure it out ourselves...

Set patterns and the way we see ourselves can limit the insight we can gain about our lives. Instead, we tend to muscle through and hope it will all figure itself out and stick to the stories we tell ourselves about what we need or want. We can miss what's right in front of us all because of our misconceptions and lack of self-knowledge.

Why get answers now...

The illusion that something outside of you is prohibiting you from moving forward is false. The answers are within your reach. Why waste time or create unnecessary struggle when there is a way forward meant for you and there is no lack at any point just the lack of insight.


"I want to thank you again.  It is amazing what a strong psychological boost it has given me."


Sarah is totally unique and outstanding at the impact her work can have on your life. It was so great to finally have someone help me see & feel the REAL me. I'd recommend everyone to see her - it's life changing"

"This is an investment that's got great ROI!"

"How you get closest to God/the Divine is when you fully embrace your Self.
Because you are His/Her original design"


The biggest misconception is that the reflection you see in the mirror is real. Your reflection is often a multitude of stories you tell yourself about yourself, again and again until they hold true. 

And a multitude of stories others tell you about you too. 

There is of course an original design - an image that you are disposed to and that you already may be connected to or maybe not all but sits deep within your unconscious.

We often feel it as something 'missing' and the falecy is that it's something 'out-there' but really it's an inner mystery that has not yet been revealed.



It's not who you are that holds you back but who you think you should be

Your 'persona' - who you think you are - limits your view of yourself. Instead of seeking clarity within, people can look outside of themselves - to reinforce and validate that persona. A higher mental perspective takes you beyond your self-perceptions and distorted view to who you always were meant to be. 

What you are seeking, is seeking you

Clients can feel demoralized and fear can block them from moving forward...but what's meant for you is like an energy and force coming towards you. You have to reach out for it.

Start by starting

There's no formula or perfect set of circumstances...what you want already exists and all that's necessary is to start by starting.

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