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How intuition helps me read people in the 90 seconds it takes to make an impression

How I work with my clients

They say it only takes 90 seconds to make that first impression…and that’s when a lot of the information about a client presents itself to me.

I have trained myself over the years to connect in those first few minutes because that’s when you get an untarnished and unbiased read of the person, before they even have a chance to speak.

Because often when they speak, they can start to present a ‘persona’ or the ‘false self’ and that can create a block and distract from who they really are.

(That’s one reason why clients don’t get their message across or get the sale, fyi.)

A lot of the communication from the client is non-verbal and unconscious, and a lot can be discerned from their picture or from their self-perceptions. And further, when they ask a specific question, that also gives permission for a new level of openness and channel of communication.

Those 90 seconds though are the most important and if I can cut in during that time then the consult starts to take off and there is a flow between me and the client. If they show too much of the persona then I have to push past that noise using all my senses and really intuit though the fluff.

To work with people intuitively bypasses the rational and logic and you start to connect with them on a higher mental level. The higher mental plane (as some refer to it) is void of reaction, the past, and have-to’s and musts. It’s a clear level of communicating with less ego or animal brain.

Some call it using third sight but really it’s more about foresight and being able to see past the fluff and rubble - the presets and the self-constructs.

And that’s where clients generally want to get to…that place that’s more real and their happy place. If they get a clearer perspective of that place, then they have more confidence in where to put their attention and how to move forward.

It shouldn’t be a struggle, it should be a breeze.


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