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Insights on color: Green (and what I said to my client that I forgot...)

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

The color phenomenon of Green.

I often don’t recall what I say to clients in the moment…it’s meant for their ears not mine.

So, when a client said to me once “remember you told me it was important for me to wear green because….blah blah blah?”

That blah blah I gave sounded really good…and even though I couldn’t remember, it made complete sense.

Green is one of the most active, physical colors. It’s alive, vibrant and yet the easiest on the eye out of the entire color spectrum. People often think red is the active color but that’s not the case. Green is about growth, evolution, and movement. Red Is more about energy than movement and it’s a distraction to the eye. It’s meant to distract. Yet, green is about encouragement, it's meant to encourage movement and is affirming.

So, this color input I gave her may seem a small thing, and it was just one of the many comments I made about her image. But at that time, the client was making headway into the film business after running her own advertising agency for years. So it was critical information.

As a result, she discarded the staple ‘black’ that was typical of her industry and presented a different impression entirely for clients and it helped shift her own self-image and create a trajectory for her and was a forward-moving quality to her business. She felt she was pushing herself forward and embraced the changes through her image.

I say to clients that Color is a phenomenon and not just objective preferences. And as you have your own unique color palette and physicality, expressing it can open yourself up and others up to what you have to offer - in business and relationships too. It’s a way of expressing you on the outside.

Color is essentially light after all, so it is has a feeling, an energy, and vibe about it, and that’s why it impacts you and others physically and psychologically.

And as for green….there are so so many varieties - with different depth, tone, and base and so there always is a perfect green for you.


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