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Our Illusion of Ourselves

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Who we imagine to what causes us to bump up against the world.

Earlier today, I found myself wanting to scream with frustration.

I felt wronged, hopeless that it won’t ever change, and wondered how long I had to continue dealing with this insufferable situation.

Then I remembered this:

“You do not suffer. Only the person you imagine to be suffers.” - Nisargadatta Maharaj

In that moment of frustration, it was my perception of WHO I am that was wronged. Our identity we can hold on so tightly to that we don’t realize we aren’t fighting with someone else but fighting with ourselves.

We are fighting against the image we have of ourselves and the ideal we represent.

If we define for a moment what that perception is…really clarify who we see ourselves to be then we can see that the struggle is only with ourselves.

This is why understanding your image and identity is so important as it can create struggles where none need be.


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