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Your Wardrobe is Like a Window into Your Soul.

What do you see when you look inside your wardrobe - your true self or false self?

Your wardrobe is like a window into your soul.

Because when you open it or step in, one can see:

- the false self on display

- the shadow self hiding in the corners

- the true self peaking through in the expensive or special pieces.

And this is your ‘messaging’ and one of the ways you express your current image and identity.

Along with the how you communicate in your daily life…

And the way you interact with others.

But, as understanding your image is mostly non-verbal…the wardrobe can provide the first clues to how you see yourself.

And this is the first step in an Image Consult - the wardrobe as it can provide the first clues to how you see yourself.

Because if you want to connect to who you really are…it’s important to know your current perceptions and viewpoint.

Then we have a clear slate to work with and you don't dilute any new information with an existing image that doesn't represent you.

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