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There are different aspects to your image and nature - your 'true self', your 'false self', and your 'shadow self'.

Often people gravitate towards the false self and have an identity that's influenced by the outside world, reinforced by a distorted idea of themselves, or motivated by an ideal. And they are often unconscious of this perception of self. They may even believe that this is just 'the way it is'. This leads to struggle and anxiety.  


What most don't consider is that they have an 'original image and design' that was intended for them. Knowing that true image clarifies how best to express You, your ground state and what comes easy to you, your unique qualities and how you can best embody these in your life.

The Consult includes an analysis of your 3 main aspects: psychology, physicality, presence and you will learn your feminine archetype from the 36 'Image Types' developed by Sarah J Engen which represents a visual reflection of who you are.


You will receive a full written profile of your Image Type after the consult.

​The path of least resistance is living your truth. Discover yours with a virtual Image Profiling Consult.

All consults are with Sarah Engen and are through Facetime or Zoom and also Sarah interacts often through FB messenger.

Image Profiling Consult

  • Download the welcome file to start the process.

  • Make sure you download the file to see the next steps!


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