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Women Stereotypes - Gray Hair

The movement of going natural and how it impacts your image

When I first let out my natural gray hair at age 30, it was unusual for my age and my unique trait.

But, gray hair has been a fad now for a while, but typically as dyed hair.

Since covid however, a new movement has emerged of women going au naturel and letting their gray show. From Andy McDowell to Jane’s now on-point to be naturally you.

And to be old. But as you know, being gray isn’t about age.

Yep…have we let ourselves go? Are we a movement to be avoided - strong, independent and resolute? Or will it be a mark that we have really lost our marbles…these gray women?

After wearing gray hair now for 20 years, I know full well what it brings in terms of comments, characterizations, and judgments.

But, one thing that has given me context…all this time…is that I know that it’s indicative of my nature. I know that my gray is really an expression of my original image & design and I am not meant to look any other way.

For me, it’s not a mantra nor a symbol of defiance. It’s naturally me and I have always been about honoring the woman, respecting one’s individuality…and also I am a color obsessive. As a color analyst, I know that the gray works on me. In fact, it’s my best choice, even over my darkest brown, when I went black for a while, or the blonde which was my only relapse for just two years after becoming a new mom.

It’s who I am…and one of my natural qualities that I use to express myself. It’s not for everyone, but I am clear it’s for me.

This is the era of the Seer - the wise woman - who is venturing out, not making apologies, and simply honoring who she is.

And this is a great time to get your image down pat.

As an Image Profiler, it’s about my clients feeling unapologetically themselves and that’s my aim when profiling them.


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