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5 Questions Answered Consult

Your vibe and how you communicate verbally and non-verbally

I saw a friend recently who I’d done the “5 Questions Answered” Consult.

It was a bit surreal as she was with the person I had described to her in the consult/reading. So it was like “OMG look! They’re real”.

I think one day intuition will be scientifically proven as simply another form of communication and not woo-woo at all.

We communicate verbally and non-verbally, so why not also energetically too?

If we are made up of energy and matter, then I think it’s quite possible to communicate energetically through our aura.

Our aura (our energy field) contains parcels of information about how we feel, what we are about, our wants and desires, our past and the experiences we have had. So maybe it’s not a great leap to assume others could ‘tune in’ and gather that information.

We usually refer to this as getting a ‘sense’ or ‘read’ on someone, or picking up a certain ‘vibe’ about them. And as with other forms of communication, we could become experts at doing this. Like someone who has excellent verbal communicator and can do a great Ted Talk, or someone who is an excellent non-verbal communicator like a magician or dancer, or a teacher who has to manage a room full of children and often relies on non-verbal cues to keep everyone motivated or in-check.

So, to communicate energetically with someone - where you cue in to their aura and use all your senses to focus in on them and pick up information, I don’t believe is [rocket science]. It’s not a hard reach…it’s just science and another form of communication.

People often say we aren’t physical beings living a spiritual life, but spiritual beings living a physical life. The idea behind that is that we are not just matter but also of spirit and energy, and we are all connected through that energy - in a way we don’t necessarily understand yet.

Folks refer to this already as having empathy…where you real ‘feel’ for others. And that’s why those who do this work refer to themselves as ‘empaths’ or ‘sense-itives’. 👀

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