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A shift in personal image or statement dressing?

3 categories of personal image (and which one is Kyrsten Sinema doing?)

This montage grabbed my attention (which I am sure was what the trashy tabloid was hoping for) as it illustrates how someone can present themselves so differently.

Her ‘before’ personal image seems so opposite from the Kyrsten Sinema we know today.

So what’s this all about?

3 categories my clients fall into with their PERSONAL IMAGE:

1 ) *It’s about keeping up appearances*

We feel beholden to our culture, church, partner, or family, so we embody an image that has been created for us.

2 ) **It’s about dressing the part**

We feel our image should reflect our aspirations, so we embody an image indicative of our goals and take on a persona WE ourselves have created or believe will get us results and a certain reaction.

3 ) ***It’s about expressing yourself***

We feel beholden to ourselves and our truth, so our image is a feels natural and real regardless of our outer world and without reaction.

The shift for Krysten may be partly about ‘’dressing the part” of US Senator, but to shift one’s image to such a degree requires a shift in how you perceive yourself or a shift in your personal story. And it’s clear she’s taped into aspects of her original image & design. Good for her🤩

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