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'I Am' what does it mean? I am 'all that'?

'I Am' in terms of personal image.

When Nisargadatta Maharaj says “I am that”…he isn’t really meaning...I AM ALL THAT.💁‍♀️

He means “I am” what I say I am.

In other words, your current image and identity is defined by YOU. You live according to the idea you hold about yourself and who you say you are.

And typically that can be a mixed pot to reflect the different roles you play in life.

But, when it comes to expressing your unique qualities - your original image & design (as I call it) - your true image and the one intended for you….how do you get to be that?

That’s what Nisargadatta Maharaj refers to as the “I Am”.

There’s nothing added, no striving for something out there, nor looking to be someone. Else.

It’s your natural and original state; your ground zero. And that’s why when I work with clients to discard the false self, that's one of the most important steps of the process.

Because then you can get back to being you…which is pretty effortless, and you can allow for your truth to come through.

So when you say…I Am ______ (and add something after that)…consider that ______ to be irrelevant, not important, and pointless. You don’t need that and it creates confusion and distortion.

That’s why Nisargadatta says “All that you need is already within you.”🙂


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