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Let go and let God...or listen to Mother Nature.

Reminders of who we are from the divine...or mother nature.

In a moment of overwhelm and frustration, I muttered to my husband apathetically that maybe we shouldn’t have chosen such a large family. We would be a lot richer if we hadn’t.

The moment those crazy words left my mouth, I heard stern words in my mind “remember your purpose in this life is to be of service. And the money was given to help with this. It wasn’t meant for you”.

Sometimes we need stern words from our guides…from God…from our higher self…from our subconscious. No matter how you look at it, we all have a life intended for us and yet the ego and false self can dilute that purpose and bring apathy, resignation, even despair. At times like this, we need a steady reminder of what we are here to accomplish and what we were best designed for.

Whether you see yourself as having an original design or intention or purpose, time and time again guidance has revealed this to me to be true. I am sure it has for you too - times where all seemed to align or luck was on your side.

And it helped you see If your hands are meant for soil, or for a canvas, or for food or for a pen (or keyboard)….or for a mathematical equation, or for the human body, and for a moment the resistance dispersed as you remembered who you truly are.

And life seemed easy again for a moment and a peace came over you as you could almost give yourself up to what was intended for you instead of struggling along…on your lonesome.

If you believe “Your life was created for you and not by you” (Paul Gilbert, PHD) then you believe that there is something greater than you…or something more powerful than you involved with your life.

It could be from an ecological perspective where you view it as your greater community (it takes a village as they say), or you could view it (as I do) from a spiritual perspective and believe that there’s some form of divine intervention, an Intelligence beyond our own that is behind our intrinsic design or function. Science with a slab-dab of divinity.

Why is this so important? Because living organically and naturally is so much easier. Doing what comes with ease and which is effortless is so much less stressful. And it’s because you are also serving a function, a necessity.

And if you have other designs for yourself…or programming or an upbringing that encouraged you to focus in another direction…that reminders are needed. Insight on who you really is needed. Because when you gain that understanding, you experience a real sense of peace and can let go. And if you hold on to lots of different ideas like I do…then that is a huge relief.

Let go and let God as some say. Or let nature do her thang…if that appeals more.


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