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The Feminine Shouldn't be a Mystery

The divine feminine has a role in all our lives

I was working with a reputable literary agency in NY about 10 years ago…finishing up the perfect book proposal to pitch to publishers…but I felt it was just all wrong. The tone wasn’t me - it felt too much like a text book. So I pulled out.

The last few years I have had various attempts at it but never followed through. It’s only in the last few weeks, since my surgery in fact, that I have had a new clarity around my book and feel like it’s coming together, finally.

The purpose behind my 36 ‘Image Types’ (feminine archetypes) is to help women understand and express who they are. But what was missing in my approach before was the most fundamental aspect of my work - the feminine.

I realize I didn’t need to complicate it with layers of explanation about Jungian psychology or anatomy. The feminine is pure and simple, and what's most important for me is that women really get a true sense of the power of the feminine, the divinity of it and the mystery behind it. And to ultimately see where they fit on the feminine spectrum.

I believe we live in a patriarchal often misogynistic society and that the feminine is not represented in its true light nor really valued. Frankly, It’s not even really understood.

There is a lot of talk about He but not about She (capital ’S’). Gaia, Mother Nature, the Goddess principle IS the ultimate creative force, and every woman has this divine force expressed in Her own way.

One analogy I've always loved is comparing the feminine to the ocean. She can be calm like still waters, but also wild and fierce like huge waves, or gentle and unassuming like a light ripple, or even all-consuming like a tsunami that overpowers all that stands in her path.

Although the feminine is a force of nature, women are often reduced to stereotypes and inhabit set roles within society. And even if it changes over time...we have gone from being the dutiful 50’s housewife to being the all-capable superwomen of the millennium..the perspective of the feminine still remains the same. And rather than live that way…because it’s flipping exhausting…the 36 ‘Image Types’ show where you fit within the spectrum and your individual feminine nature.

I was watching a YouTube video yesterday on FB showing a mama bear crossing a road with her four cubs. The traffic was stopped waiting for her to complete the process. It was cumbersome…but she managed to get all her cubs across and to stay on one side and to not run back. What a task nature has given her! The sole responsibility to manage her tribe. And she has all the skill and ability to do that.

Nearly a year ago ,we celebrated here in the US when a female Vice President was inaugurated. In all these years of American history, it was the first time. The divine feminine is not present in the way She should be in our society. And that’s what I am passionate about - advocating for the true force of our nature as women and learning to express it and embody it through our true image and nature.

She should no longer be a mystery.


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