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5 Questions Answered Consult

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Getting to the crux of your image

About 6 months ago, I started doing what I refer to as “5 questions answered” readings.

I wanted to cut to the chase more with clients, not to go so deeply into concepts or ideas all the time…but to just get to the crux of it.

So I started telling clients to instead ask me what they’re constantly dwelling on, what’s always on their mind or what they want clarity on…and not more than FIVE questions…and then I would just focus on answering those.

It cut through all the noise and chatter and got to the core concerns quickly, and as the ‘true self’ is such a vast topic, it allowed me to just focus on their specifics - their individual blocks or dilemmas.

When I work with people, it’s mainly using impressions and intuition and so this simplified way allowed me to do what I love most - to just ‘tune in’ to the client and give them that pertinent information…and then over-and-out.

A few months back, I had a friend reach out to me who I hadn’t connected with for a while, partly due to covid and also hectic lives. She asked me to connect with her about some questions and normally I have a no-friend rule (because it’s typically harder to work with those closest to you) but I thought without all the fluff and just cutting to the chase, this may be ok.

So I did a 5 Questions Answered session and it came out really well. I think it’s mainly because this new approach is less about me and more about the client. It more focused on the ‘true self’ with less persona/false self or ego. Also, the focus is on the question at hand and so unconsciously the client is opening up a channel of communication, and I can just step into that and address their concerns with a new perspective.

What it comes down to is ‘less is more’. The less fluff, the more substance and I think the same with the true self, the less you add-on the better. 🤩


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