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Seeking Perfection‏: : How do you stop ruminating on ‘WHO AM I’ and ‘WHAT SHOULD I DO'.

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

We focus on the outer when seeking eternal beauty and perfection…but beauty isn’t an outer quality. It’s an inner truth.

I have been working with image and identity for over 20 years and now more than ever it seems people are seeking perfection. But they often make the mistake of thinking it’s an outer process…but in fact it’s an inner truth.

Without the knowledge of this inner truth, your image and identity can become purely ego-based - reinforced by self-beliefs, a reaction to your outer world, and an identification and mirror of some ideal. Ideals like the poster child, the supermom, the renaissance dad.)

Ideals though are not grounded in reality, however, as so a image driven by ego creates a ‘false self’ which is a disintegrated self as you are detached from your true nature.

It can then feel like you are living in dissociative state, as you switch a part of yourself OFF when you switch the false self ON.

It’s exhausting, unsatisfying and creates anxiety. (Even panic attacks).

Perfection is finding your inner truth - discarding the false self and understanding your DIVINE image - the image God/the creator/nature intended. This requires a higher mental approach and state of being, which is beyond the lower emotional and mental plane where ego thrives.

And from this higher mental plane you can answer questions like:

- How do I fulfill who I am

- What is my journey here about

- What is my real potential as I know I haven’t reached it yet

- How do I find my center rather than live on the periphery

- What is my unique contribution to the whole

And it isn’t a matter of ‘creating’ these answers. The creation process is already complete. Creating your reality is simply more ego adventures…and can get your tangled up in knots pretty quickly!

“Your life was created for you and not by you”. Paul Gilbert, PHD.

Seeking perfection through outer means will only pull you further away from what you most desire. Your image is not an external expression but a fulfillment of an idea and intention.

So, you need not ruminate or believe that one day-some day you will achieve a state of perfection and jump through hoops and loops getting there.

The only place you will find perfection is right now…within you, already complete and whole and ready and available.

The inner truth is the journey to freedom. And it’s there waiting for you. Not tomorrow, not from yesterday, and not from having to change a darn thing.

Bliss! Be still and know the God.


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